Validator and Entry Ticket

Validator is a quiz based on ads provided by our partners. If you watch it properly and answered correctly you will get more Entry Tickets and doubled when Cheats has been used. But if the answer is wrong, you only got one Entry Ticket and the Cheats will be forfeit.

Entry Ticket is the ticket you will get after playing DrawSlots. The amounts of Entry Ticket is 1, but if you play DrawSlots with an active validator and answer it correctly your obtained Entry Ticket will be increase by 3. Cheats will double the total Entry Ticket you can get, regardless the validator is active or not. But if you answered the validator wrong, Cheats will be forfeit and you will only get 1 Entry Ticket.

For more details, please refer to the following table:

Formula : Validator answer (3) x Cheats (total cheat number) + 3

Formula : Entry Ticket (1) x Cheats (total cheat number) + 1

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