More About Social Media Page

On this page you can put your product ad element on the web page or BonusTime app. This page consists of several parts:

  1. Social Link : Please input your product’s social media link so that our users can visit and interact within your page directly.
    • Facebook icon : Enter your Facebook fanpage url in the fields provided
    • Twitter icon : Enter your Twitter url in the fields provided
    • Instagram icon : Enter your Instagram fanpage url in the fields provided
  2. Other Link : Please input your additional information in the available fields.
    • Website Link : Submit your website URL / landing page of your product and add a description or solicitation to visit your website
    • Appstore Link : Enter the url to the Appstore page of your product
    • Playstore Link : Enter the url to the Playstore page of your product
    • Phone Number : Enter the code +62 in the country code section for Indonesian code followed by your company phone number or you can use other country code that match your company phone number.
    • GPS Coordinate : By entering the GPS coordinate code into the available fields, the system will cleverly indicate where your company address is located.
[Pro-Tip] : To enter the code in the GPS Coordinate section, we recommend using 
            the following link 

            1. Enter your full company address in the fields provided
            2. Click the Get GPS Coordinate button
            3. Code will appear in Lat, Long. Copy the code provided and paste it
               in the GPS Coordinate section


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