How to Setting Validators

Validator is BonusTime’s signature feature. It designs intelligently to provide users with a stimulus to focus on your advertising by providing a questions about the ads.

To activate the validator is very simple, press the yes button on the validator’s option and follow the instructions provided.

  1. Type in the question according to advertisement you want to show
  2. Write the answers at the topmost order as the correct answer and the rest as the switch’s answer. The system will automatically randomize the order of answers when your campaign is active.
  3. Click Add Another MCQ button if you want to add another validator.
  4. Click Next button to end the process and save the validator that has been created.
[Pro-Tip 1] : How to create a good Validator : 
             1. Create a question related to your company's tagline.
             2. Create a question from the ads you use.
             3. Create a question from the ads content you use, such as : 
                a. How many girl/boys in the picture/video. 
                b. The color of the object in the ads, and etc.
BonusTime have the right to reject any campaign without including Validators
in it

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