BonusTime Credits

BonusTime Credits is a payment system to facilitate advertisers in using the services provided by BonusTime.

How to Top-up BonusTime Credits :

1. Select Company from the menu list on the left of the Advertiser Dashboard page.

2. Next in the company page at Wallet section, press Top-up button.

3. Pop-up screen will appear with a form that advertisers must fill to continue the Top-up process

  • Credits Amount : Enter the amount of BonusTime Credits you want Top-up
  • Notes : You can put internal message for BonusTime support section or leave it blank if there is none
  • Total Cost : Total cost has to be paid by advertisers
  • Press Submit button to continue the process

4. A pop-up screen will appear, which informs the top-up request has been received and is being moderated. The BonusTime team will process your request and will send you an e-invoice in the amount of payment by email.

5.Open your email and read the message from the BonusTime team that contains the e-invoice and the payment method. Follow the given steps.

6. After all the steps are done, the BonusTime team will validate the request and your BonusTime Credits balance will be increase.

If you encounter problems with Top-up BonusTime Credit. Please contact us via the following link, [email protected] or can also through our support team at

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