About Campaign

Campaign is a menu where advertisers can put various advertising materials as well as information such as links to landing pages, locations on google maps, advertising media (images/video), links to social media, and etc.

The Campaign menu consists of several sub-menus that will be visible by pressing the drop down button next to it, each sub-menu has its own function.

Automatically when choosing the campaign menu, you will directed to sub-menu Pending Campaign. Also by pressing the drop-down button on the Campaign menu you can see other sub-menus such as Approved Campaign and Create Campaign.

The Approved Campaign sub-menu contains Campaigns that have been successfully approved by the BonusTime team to proceed to the Reserve Drawslots process.

Whereas Create Campaign, is a sub-menu that you will use to create a Campaign. For more details you can see the guide below.

How to Create Campaign at BonusTime :

1. Press the drop down button next to Campaign menu then choose Create Campaign.

2. On the Details page, fill your product information accurately within form provided. Click here for more detailed description of the Details page

Pro Tip: make sure to press Next button on every input you make in order for the system to store the uploaded data.

3. Next on advertisement media page, you can input your product ads elements into the campaign that is being created. More info about this page, click here

Pro Tip: Make sure to press the Upload button when finished entering the ads material then press Next when you’re done. Wait a minute and the system will show a progress bar that indicates that the ads you have uploaded have been saved.

4. On the Validator tab, you can add a questions about your ads for our users. Validators are optional, but we recommend you to using it as it can increase awareness of your ads. For more information about validator please click here

5. Next you will be dericted to the social link page. Fill in within the form provided. For more information click here

6. In the next process you can see entire Campaign created in the Preview & Submit section. Press submit button and BonusTime team will immediately evaluate your campaign

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