Tasks is an obligate part for advertiser that must be completed in order, so Bonus Time team can finishing Draw Reporting as a report.

How does Tasks works.

  • Prize Claim (Tasks for User)
  • Prize Delivery (Tasks for Advertiser)
  • Prize Received (Tasks for Advertiser)

Prize Claim is the process whereby the Winners claim the prize by accessing the Claim Page from their notification screen. Winners will need to input their personal details such as full name, mobile number, email address, physical address for prize delivery, national ID number and a picture of their National ID to qualify for the prize. If any of the following are missing, then they are disqualified. Or will have to resubmit the claim once more.

Prize Delivery is the steps where Advertisers deliver the prize to the winner’s address / email address to prove that the prizes have been sent to the winner. Advertisers are to upload a picture of their receipt / Online tracking number in JPG / PNG.

Prize Received is the final steps in Tasks. Whenever the winners have received the prize sent to them, Advertisers will be required to submit a prove of prize received status for the End User. Advertiser can upload a picture of the Online Tracking Receipt. By doing this will reduce the task count to 0.

End users will have around 14 days to claim their prize or will be disqualified.

For Prizes with big value ( big value depends on BonusTime discretion) will be verified before setting the winners for it. Potential Winners will be called and asked to verify their information and as such it will be very important for the End Users to include their information details correctly.

Tasks are always required to achieve 0 counts on every DrawSlot or else there will be a lot of inconveniences in the processing and After Draw Reporting to the relevant Authorities cannot be performed.

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