How to Reserve DrawSlot

When you select DrawSlots menu on the advertiser page, the system automatically takes you to the Reserve DrawSlots page. At Reserve DrawSlots page you can see all information about DrawSlots in the process, in process or rejected.

If you want to create another DrawSlots from already approved campaign, you can select Reserve DrawSlots.

This page will display a list of Campaigns already been approved and can be used to Reserve DrawSlots. Press the right arrow button on the Campaign column to enter the Reserve DrawSlots process.


Before process to Reserve DrawSlots, you will be directed to the preview page first. This page will provide information about the choosen campaign in case to inform you are not wrong in Reserve the DrawSlots.

Press right arrow button to proceed to the next step.

How to Reserve DrawSlots :

1. Campaign Summary : This section containing your Campaign information.
2. Target Location : Pilihlah sesuai dengan Target Market yang anda tuju dan tempat dimana DrawSlots akan diadakan.

[Pro-Tip 1] : Any option in Target Location will specify the location where DrawSlots
              will be held with a public-specific method. For example, when selecting
              Country then your DrawSlots can be viewed by all BonusTime users
              because the County option includes both Region and City options.
              Another case when you fill the option to City then your DrawSlots can
              only be seen by BonusTime users in that city.

3. DrawSlots Starting Date : Here you can specify the start and end date for your DrawSlots¹. When selecting Flexible DrawSlot Date option to “yes” your DrawSlots will automatically moved to another day² when the date you select is already filled³.

[Pro-Tip 2] :
1. After approval, DrawSlots will run for 14 days start from the registered date. 
2. Each Location in Target Location is available for 1 DrawSlot every day and will
   be given to Advertisers whose already been approved their DrawSlots request.
3. Maximum is 5 days from the registered date

4. Reach : It is informed about the scope of your ads and how many BonusTime users can be reached.
5. Location Statistics : These are a simple parameters you can use to review BonusTime users based on the location.
6. Game Type : In this section you can choose the type of game to be used, the number of prizes awarded, and the gift delivery method.

[Pro-Tip 3] : 
BonusTime Game type is divided into two, they are :.
1. Digits : You can choose this game if there's only one prize to be drawn
2. Rafl : If you want many participants to follow your DrawSlots, you can
          choose this game type because there's no limit of the Entry
          Ticket amount also Rafl allows more prizes to be drawn in one

7. Prizes : This section gives information about minimum price of a gift that should be given. Write the description and picture of the gift in the provided column along with the prize nominal, the Total Prize Value information will follow the amount you already input.

[Pro-Tip 4] : Premium Listing Tier: If your gift has a total 2x minimum prize 
              value then the DrawSlots you create will automatically
              prioritized so our users will see it first.

8. Wallet Transaction : This section will inform you about your BonusTime Credits amount before and after the Reserve DrawSlots.

Click Submit when you done and the BonusTime team will immediately moderate your request.

[Pro-Tip 5] : BonusTime will only process DrawSlots from verified Advertisers.

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