How to Play The DrawSlots?

DrawSlots is a sweepstakes based games which divided into two different mechanic, Rafl and Digit. The difference between them is on the the Entry Ticket mechanism and the amount of offered reward.

To get started its very easy :

1. Select DrawSlots then choose the sweepstakes you want to play from the list

2. After that you will be directed to a new page. Here you can see our partner product information, promotions and description.

  • Cheats : The number of Cheats that you can use. Press plus or minus button to change the amount respectively
  • Game Type : Type of DrawSlots game used
  • Draw Close : DrawSlots Deadline date
  • Let’s Play : Press the Let’s Play button to start playing

3. Next you will be directed to the sponsors ad. Please watch these ads thoroughly to answer the validators correctly afterwards.

4. After the ads you have the opportunity to increase your winning percentage by answering the Validator. If you using your cheats and answer its questions correctly then your Entry Tickets will be doubled as much as the number of your used Cheats. But if your answer is wrong, then your cheats will be forfeit and you will only get 1 “Entry Tickets”.

5. After answering the validator, a pop-up screen will be appear and show you how many Entry-Tickets you get.

[Pro-Tip 1] : You can follow our social media partner by pressing its Facebook,
              Instagram, or Twitter buttons before you start playing. By 
              following our social media partner, you will get Cheats to 
              increase your chance of victory
[Pro-Tip 2] : We recommend to login once a week to check the results of the draws
              you have participated before

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