How to Create Draw Listings

When selecting Draw Listing menu, system will automatically directed you to Pending Draw Listings page. This page tells you what is done, proposed and rejected.

Next section is Approved Draw Listings. This page will show you list of your approved Draw Listings along with relevant data.

To create Draw Listings, please choose Create Draw Listings.

How to Create Draw Listings :

1. Tab Details :

  1. Featured Picture : Insert an image that represent your product on the Mainpage and the Detailed Page of the DrawListings you will create.
  2. Form : Isi formulir yang tersedia meliputi :
    • Campaign Tittle : Write your Campaign name
    • Brand Name : Write your Brand name
    • Short Description : fill in with short description about your product
    • Detailed Description : fill in with detailed description about your product
[Pro-Tip] : Here is the ratio guide that should be used: 
               1. Featured Picture Main : 1.41:1 Aspect Ratio with optimal 
                  size 564x400px
               2. Featured Picture Detailed Page : 1.41:1 Aspect Ratio with
                  optimal size 840x600px
            Use JPEG or PNG compression with maximum of 150kb

2. Social Link : On this page you can put all the information about your social media links, landing pages, app store, etc.

3. Location and Submit :

1. Target Location : Choose a place according to the place where your Draw Listings will be held.

[Pro-Tip 1] : Any option in Target Location will specify the location where DrawSlots
              will be held with a public-specific method. For example, when selecting
              Country then your DrawSlots can be viewed by all BonusTime users
              because the County option includes both Region and City options.
              Another case when you fill the option to City then your DrawSlots can
              only be seen by BonusTime users in that city.

2. Draw Listings Date Range : Specify the start and end date for your drawlistings

3. Reach : Contains information about how many users can be reached within certain region.

4. Location Statistics : A parameters that show you our user based on the location of the selected target market.

5. Listing Details : In this section you can specify the number of prizes to be displayed (maximum of 5 prizes) and how many viewers to achieve. The amount of credit to be paid will automatically be listed.

6. Prizes : Fill in with the detail about the gift you want to show

[Pro-Tip 2] : To make it more interesting, you can list the prizes in the order
              from largest to the smallest or you can group some gift into one
              and sum the prize value to make it looks bigger.

              We recommended image size for 1:1 ratio with maximum size is
              300x300px in JPEG/PNG format

7. Wallet Transaction : Inform about your BonusTime Credits amount before and after using Draw Listings.

Click submit and BonusTime team will immediately moderate your request.

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