Completing Your Personal Data

How to Completing Your Personal Data :

1. Press the hamburger button in the top left corner to bring up the menu page.

2. Select “My Profile” and you will be directed to your profile page.

3. On this page you can see various information displayed and you must fill it with your information data. Click the edit button in each column to start filling or updating your data. Click on the submit button after that to confirm.

  • Username : Your displayed username on the BonusTime app. This is how BonusTime team will identify you
  • BonusTime ID : Your unique number of BonusTime ID
  • Cheat Counts : Your total number of Cheats you’ve owned
  • Successful Referral Counts : Your total number of successful referrals
  • Draw Location : In this section you can change/update the locations where you want to your Lucky Draws.
[Pro-Tip] : If you switch to another Draw Location after you have entered a DrawSlot, 
            all previous DrawSlots entries will be invalid. Do not change to 
            another Draw Location if you have entered a Draw.

  • Full Name : Fill in with your full name in accordance with your ID card
  • Gender : Fill in with your gender
  • Birth Year :  Enter your year of birth in accordance with your ID Card
  • Email Address : Your current active email associated with this BonusTime account.
  • Mobile Number : Fill in accordance your current active phone number
  • National ID No. : Fill in accordance your ID card number and upload it in the field below to claim your prizes.

Physical Address will be used to deliver the prizes that you have won to your address. We cannot deliver the prize to a location outside of the designated Draw Location.

  • Address Line 1 : Fill in with full address accordance with your ID card
  • Address Line 2 (Optional) : Fill in with full address accordance with your ID card
  • Country :  Fill in  accordance to your Country of residence
  • State/Region : Fill in accordance with the State/Region you live currently
  • City : Fill in accordance with the city you live currently
  • ZIP Code : Fill in accordance with the ZIP Code you live currently
[Pro-Tip] : Please fill the form completely and accurate to make it easier 
            for us to verifying your identity and deliver the prizes when
            you win our Lucky Draws !

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