Cheat Engine for Users

Do you in urge to get additional cheats, but do not know how to find it? Do not worry, because BonusTime has presented to you a cheat engine.

Curious? Now what you can do is just visit to see a lot of list of BonusTime Partners and if you ever make a transaction on our list, you can claim bonus cheats in accordance with the amount of your purchase.

From choose menu -> Cheat Engine -> input email and upload your valid transaction receipt.

BonusTime Team will do verification for your request, and if it valid then you are entitled to get a Cheat Code which will be sent to your email address.

[Pro-Tip 1] Use Cheats to increase your winning chances
[Pro-Tip 2] Transaction receipt must be clear. Bonus Time
            reserves the right to refuse any receipt if
            its invalid or unclear.

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