More About Social Media Page

On this page you can put your product ad element on the web page or BonusTime app. This page consists of several parts: Social Link : Please input your product’s social media link so that our users can visit and interact within your page directly. Facebook icon : Enter your […]

How to Setting Validators

Validator is BonusTime’s signature feature. It designs intelligently to provide users with a stimulus to focus on your advertising by providing a questions about the ads. To activate the validator is very simple, press the yes button on the validator’s option and follow the instructions provided. Type in the question […]

Advertisement Media Page

At this page you can input the product ad component you want to display on the web page or at BonusTime app. This page consists of several parts: Category : The core of Advertisement Media. Choose a category to suit your needs. The difference between them is in the number […]

More About Detailed Page

On this page you can input detailed information about your product to be displayed on a web page or at BonusTime app. This page consists of several parts, such as: Featured Picture : This part is divided into 2, it is Main Page and Detailed Page Featured Picture Main : […]

About Overview Page

To view detailed information about the DrawSlot / Draw Listing that’s currently running or not, you can press the arrow key button located at right next to the column. In Detailed Overview Page there will be 3 tabs to be shown there are Overview, Tasks (Link to tasks) and Draw […]

About Campaign

Campaign is a menu where advertisers can put various advertising materials as well as information such as links to landing pages, locations on google maps, advertising media (images/video), links to social media, and etc. The Campaign menu consists of several sub-menus that will be visible by pressing the drop down […]

How to Claimed Prize

How to Claimed Prize : 1. If you win one of the DrawSlots games, the system will inform you through a bell-shaped notification in the upper right corner of the BonusTime app. Press and you will directed on another page. 2. On this page you will see the Draw Slots […]

Validator and Entry Ticket

Validator is a quiz based on ads provided by our partners. If you watch it properly and answered correctly you will get more Entry Tickets and doubled when Cheats has been used. But if the answer is wrong, you only got one Entry Ticket and the Cheats will be forfeit. […]

About DrawListings

Draw Listing is a list of draws organized by parties outside BonusTime that’s underway at your Location. You can find the sweepstakes that’s currently underway and which can be followed. This is an amazing feature that we bring to you who like to keep up of all kinds of sweepstakes.

How to Play The DrawSlots?

DrawSlots is a sweepstakes based games which divided into two different mechanic, Rafl and Digit. The difference between them is on the the Entry Ticket mechanism and the amount of offered reward. To get started its very easy : 1. Select DrawSlots then choose the sweepstakes you want to play […]